Welcome To National Coding Center

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Here at National Coding Center we look at every chart from a consulting perspective and go beyond just coding.

We have developed a four step approach to the coding process that will enable agencies to maximize reimbursement they deserve. We will do a Comprehensive Quality Assurance of the OASIS, accurately code the chart, make a recommendation for recert, and also make recommendation for training based on the records we review.
By taking this four step process, we are not only maximizing the reimbursement of the episode, we are also giving the agency a direction to help them increase their overall profitability.

Our results have been outstanding for our clients. Let us show you how our service basically pays for itself, how we can help you potentially increase your census without additional marketing, and how we can help you increase your overall profitability.

It's more than just coding, it's coding from a consulting perspective! We're looking out for your profitability as an agency.

If you are interested in learning how our consultant based coding process can benefit your agency and your bottom line, please give us a call or email us and we'll review one of your completed charts for free.